Advanced Beginners

15th August 2020

This was our 47th meeting and the last for me in the UK for a while.

We looked again at practice with a beginner’s mind.

Then we all Sat and then Walked.

After that we chatted amongst the trees, drinking tea …

Beginner's Mind

This week we met again in my garden. This would be the last time for me in the UK, at least for a while.

As we had some seasoned practitioners and complete beginners to our form. I chose to return to the flashcards where it all began.

As we step through our practice, we can see that each step is at first easy and obvious but with repetition reveals deeper levels of meaning and insight. However the approach should be to try to return to the simplicity of the ‘Beginners Mind’.

Without expectation or aim, just sit and notice.

Practise again

For the final week we will donate the hall fees to

the DEC charity.

We have donated £100 in the last four weeks.

Thank you 🙏

book report

Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind

This is a landmark text on Zen. It will ring true with many of your experiences of sitting meditation and then guide you on a lifelong path.

Definitely worth a look for the Advanced Beginners.

Shunryu Suzuki

Founder of the San Francisco Zen center.


We will soon be opening our doors at a new venue.

The Cart Lodge @ Horam Manor Farm

The new sessions are

29th August;
12th & 26th September;
10th October

virtual revolution

We are also going to try out ZOOM as a new virtual platform.

We found that more people are used to this and the opportunities for using it are wider.


We plan to have virtual sessions at least every other week, when we are not practicing in the real.

Donations also help 🙂

It’s all FREE – All the time

But we welcome your support