4th July 2020

This was our 41st meeting!

We spoke about staying in the present; letting go of regret and kicking anxiety into the long grass..

Then we all practiced the Sitting Meditation.

Welcome to the present

This week, Jo began the discussion by remarking on the similarity with her practice and the use of advent calendars. I love this analogy!

Each day we approach the practice there will be something new behind the door. What will it be??

It also reminds us that the doors that were opened yesterday, last week, long in the past are empty and gone. This is the real moment to be. Similarly it is very bad form to open doors of days not here yet so stop worrying about what is behind these.

Some days you may get cherry liqueur and that is a bad day. 

Tomorrow may be some kind of praline / hazelnut combo but that hasn’t happened yet.

stay focused

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