Authentic Smile

4th April 2020

This was our third meet up in the Virtual room

As isolation continues we recognised new connections within our community;

Then we all practised the Sitting Meditation.

and had tea  …

Genuine Connections

The home isolation really began to sink in this week and the longer term effects on our well being are beginning to be realised.

However as connections with those in our community, our neighbours and friends are less common, each seems that bit more precious. We notice how the veil of superficiality slips and the true self is revealed a bit more. Showing others our true self and seeing more deeply into their true nature, brings more authentic awareness.

We can use the newly found time to develop a regular practice. Bringing the light of mindfulness from our meditation; out into our lives and relationships will allow new perspective to reveal themselves.

Practise again

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5 Remembrances

Last week we discussed the ‘three doors’ steps at the end of the standard meditation

You can catch up with these discussions by following this link.

In the coming week I look at the ‘Five Remembrances’

What are they you ask?

Try reading them, they are quite shocking…

I am subject to aging.
There is no way to avoid aging.

I am subject to ill health.
There is no way to avoid illness.

I am going to die.
There is no way to avoid death.

Everyone and everything that I love will change,
and I will be separated from them.

My only true possessions are my actions,
and I cannot escape their consequences.


If you thought reading them was OK, say them our loud or if you are really brave say them to yourself in the mirror.

It will surprise you.

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While you are walking, smile and be in the here and now,
and you will transform that place into paradise.


Next session is Saturday 11th April 2020

Followed by the 18th, 25th April, 2nd & 9th May

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