Clutching @ straws

28th March 2020

This was our second meet up in the Virtual room

We all recognised the anxiety the community feels at the moment;

We thought about how to look after fear;

Then we all practised the Sitting Meditation.

and had teaΒ  …

Checking for Answers

We discussed the ongoing effects of the lock down and how we are all experiencing effects of fear and anxiety about our safety and security.

There is an understandable habit when we are anxious of looking for reassurance. News sources and social media can contain more information about our current situation, some true and some false, but seldom do we find the relief we are looking for.

I suggest we try to be more mindful of how much time we are spending on this checking habit. A better way to address our anxiety would be to use this ‘checking’ time to practice sitting and facing our fear full on. With care and understanding this feeling will transform and become more manageable.

We practised the sitting meditation. Again we felt a common connection even though we all sit many miles from each other.

We wished @Phil a very ‘Happy Birthday‘ πŸŽ‰

Practise again

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Build your Practice

Learn to Sit

Last week we met every day for an hour and discussed the steps of the sitting meditation.

You can catch up with these discussions by following this link.

In the coming week I will follow up on these discussions with an exploration of the 3 Doors of Liberation;

Emptiness, Signlessness & Aimlessness

Even if you are just stuck at home you could put us on in the background like a radio πŸ“»

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So to breathe in and be aware of your body and look deeply into it
and realise you are the Earth
and your consciousness is also the consciousness of the earth.
Not to cut the tree
Not to pollute the water,
That is not enough.


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Followed by the 11th, 18th & 25th April

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