A Meditation on a virus


Connect to a Virus

I practiced awareness of the notorious virus today.

This will be difficult to follow if you haven’t got your head around the concepts; 

Emptiness, Signlessness & Aimlessness.

Emptiness – ‘I am aware of the virus, the virus is empty.’

Compared to other dharmas this is not actually too complex. It is an RNA virus, only 30,000 bases or so in length. RNA is the precursor to our DNA from an evolutionary point of view. All life is based on the information contained within strings of nucleic acids. These RNA strings have been around for a very long time living as obligatory intracellular parasites. This strain has manifest due to some pretty odd environmental conditions that allowed it to jump between host species, an opportunist.

Signlessness‘Aware of the virus and myself, there are no barriers.’

What aspects do we share? Well like all life, we are both the ‘consequence’ of our nucleic acid strings. We both are trying to suceed in our environment. The virus manifests in its current form due to our disturbance of its environment. An environment we are crashing through in our blinkered way as we strive to succeed on our mission. We apologise for the destruction we cause but we are not quite ready to stop. The virus is only trying to replicate, using a backdoor in our cellular repair mechanism to achieve this. It really doesn’t (probably can’t) care for the damage it causes as it goes along but that is just a side effect of its mission to succeed. We are connected to our viral brother in more ways than we think.

Aimlessness – ‘The virus and I, we have arrived.’

So we pull up at this moment and put on the handbrake. Sitting on my hoarded pile of loo rolls, sanitary towel stuck to my nose. I don’t mean to trivialise the suffering of those who are truly struggling with their personal encounter with this string of bases, theirs is a profound struggle. Yet most of us will not face such consequences. We are not so poorly prepared as we think. We have lived alongside these brothers for many millions of years and although we haven’t out danced this variant yet, we have tussled with far more lethal variants in the last few hundred years. Well within the lifetime of our governments, our nations and religions. We have turned a blind eye to the destruction our desire and ambition is causing right now and feel very put out that the same information strings that run through our veins are pushing back just a little.

Let us look deeply at what the virus can show us of what it means to be a life on our planet.

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