End of the Beginning

27th June 2020

This was our 40th meeting!

We spoke about how to begin an unguided practice and sitting in silence..

Then we all practiced the Sitting Meditation.

I announced the end of my presence in Heathfield after the summer.

Unguided practice

This week some of us have been trying out unguided or silent sitting meditation. It is not as daunting as it seems but there are challenges to be met. A great analogy was taking off your armbands when swimming.

It might be easier to drift off on a trail of thinking and so it does test your concentration. However it is not much different from a guided meditation. It does not matter if you visit each area of our ‘normal’ guided practice, nor that they are in any order.

If you do end up at the end of a winding trail just return to the in breathe and the out breathe. After all it is the full awareness of breathing and nothing else.

Give it a go today!


All is impermanent

With some sadness I have announced that I am leaving Heathfield at the end of August

and moving with my family to Melbourne, Australia.

This community project has been a great success and I hope that you have enjoyed your time practicing with us all.

I hope you will continue to explore mindfulness as your story unfolds.

not over yet

I will continue the virtual sessions over the next six to eight weeks and you are most welcome to drop in.

Next Community session is Saturday 4th July 2020

Followed by the 11th and 18th July

If you have enjoyed meditating as a group, tell your friends. 

Everyone is most welcome.

Donations also help 🙂

It’s all FREE – All the time

But we welcome your support