Learn to Sit

Here are five teachings given in the first week of the COVID-19 outbreak.

We describe the steps of the standard sitting meditation. 

There is a commentary on these steps and tips on how to begin.

1 - Prepare & Contact

This talk is about coming to the meditation, getting ready to start and the first step you will take on the path.

There are tips on posture and approach that are often asked by people new to the practice.

2 - Connect & Scan

This talk is about situating yourself in the world around you and noticing your connection to the world.

Then you begin awareness of your body by scanning from head to toe and saying ‘Hi’.

3 - Aware of the Body

This talk is about being fully aware of our breathing, letting go of control over breathing and then bringing our attention to our whole body.

4 - Aware of Feelings

This talk is about becoming familiar with our emotional state. Recognising what emotions are active and getting comfortable with them.

We also start to cultivate a feeling of Joy which is a key part of the practice.

5 - Aware of Mind

This talk is about becoming more aware of what is happening right now in the mind. We define thinking, perception and consciousness.

From there we open the lens out wider and return to a full awareness of self.

This is the end of self and it gives us a solid foundation to start looking at the world we live in.

listen and hear

Mini Practise Blocks

Visit each step with a mini meditation

Use buttons to download each stage of the meditation practise.

Each MP3 file contains an audio track about 5 minutes long. ‘Breath by Breath’ will give you the gatha on each breath, so you can be sure you won’t get lost. As you get more acquainted with the steps move on to ‘Semi Guided’.

put it all together

Finished Article

These are three MP3 files that take you through the full Sitting Meditation.

They last just under 15 minutes and vary in how much guidance they give you.

read and learn

Further Study

You can read more about the sutra and deepen your understanding.

Breathe! You are alive

This easy to read short book will explain the Full Awareness of Breathing sutra.

It is the commentary by the inspiring teacher, Thicht Nhat Hanh.