These resources all come from the first year of the project when Ben facilitated the group.

We practiced a meditation from a Buddhist tradition called Anapanasati.

No time like the present

Practise Again

Download or stream MP3 tracks of either a guided meditation of a click track for the silent version of the same.

Building a Practice

We came up with many different ways of helping those new to the practice to build up to the ‘standard’ 20 minute meditation.

fully guided to silent

Gradual Silence

These are three MP3 files that take you through the full Sitting Meditation. They begin with ‘Breath by Breath’ a track that has speaking on each in breath, each out breath. Then move to a ‘Semi Guided’ recording that just gives a new verse as each step changes. Finally ‘Silent’ is just a click track that gives a click when it is time to move to the next step.

Variations on a Theme

To add some interest, I recorded some variations on the Standard Meditation.

🕵️ See if you can spot the difference.🕵️

Absolute Silence

💪 Extend your concentration muscles to Awesome levels. 💪

Starting out with baby steps

Mini Practise Blocks

This was another method where we looked at each step in the meditation, one step at a time. These tracks arew just five minutes long and focus on just one step. They come in fully guided versions and just with guidance as the step changes.

You can use these one at a time of focus on a step that you might find tricky.

Shuttle Runs

Try building up your practice by extending out how far through the meditation you go each time.

Starting short and taking on an extra section with each step.

the big picture

Enter the three doors

Once you feel that you have the concepts of self in a reasonably solid place try to add in an awareness of other stuff, using

Emptiness, Signlessness and Aimlessness.

These three extra steps will need you to bring your own gatas, depending on what the subject of your focus is.

my explanation

Guide to the Framework

Lastly is my discussion of the Sitting Meditation.

These films are an attempt to interpret the gatas within the meditation practise.

I am not much more well practised than yourself so it is just rough guide.

Part 1 - Ourselves

This is a 30 minute film in which I describe the first part of the framework, awareness of ourselves.

You don’t have to get it all down in one go. Repetition is the key to developing any new habit so be realistic that it will take at least a dozen attempts before you are comfortable.

Play Video

Part 2 - Others

Once you feel that you have the concepts of self in a reasonably solid place try to add in an awareness of other stuff.

Here is an explination of the three doors of liberation that you can add at the end of your sitting meditation.

  • Emptiness
  • Signlessness
  • Aimlessness