Making Space

11th April 2020

This was our fourth meet up in the Virtual room, and our 3oth meeting since setting out.

We spoke about making space in our households to practice;

Then we all practised the Sitting Meditation.

and had tea  …

Get support

In order to build a daily practice, especailly in the current situation with home isolation, we need to get the support of the other memebrs of our household. 

Before we might have waited until the house fell silent or everyone else was out before we practiced. As we dont have that option now we have had to ask others to respect our time in practice. By and large this has been met with a supportive response.

Other members of our household or community know the importance of caring for ourselves. We often think that others should be our priority and that seems natural.

Why would they not reciprocate and value you or make you their priority?

We only need to ask for support and we will find we are pushing on an open door.

All New Practise again

I have refreshed both the guided and silent meditation audio tracks for April.

Spot the difference 🕵️


5 Remembrances

This week we ‘studied’ the five rembrances and added them on to the end of our sitting meditation. 

Here is a audio file that will guide you through thesteps. Remeber it is quite a handful sojust vist it on occasion.

I am subject to aging.
There is no way to avoid aging.

I am subject to ill health.
There is no way to avoid illness.

I am going to die.
There is no way to avoid death.

Everyone and everything that I love will change,
and I will be separated from them.

My only true possessions are my actions,
and I cannot escape their consequences.

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