Moving through the Storm

23rd May 2020

This was our tenth meet up in the Virtual room.

We spoke about navigating through storms of fear, anger and sadness;

Then we all practiced the Sitting Meditation.

and had tea  …

Storm crow

This week we have noticed the return of the stormy feelings of Fear, Anger and Sadness. This may be as some of the lockdown restrictions are lifted, we can see the risk of suffering appear again. 

At times like these it can be easy to think :-

 “I am too stressed to calm down” or 

“I have no time to stop running and practice”

Whilst we can see the paradox in statements like these, it is very hard to get off the hamster wheel of habit.

If only we could reverse this and develop a habit of practice. Just like we have learnt to travel to work even if it is raining or even snowing, we can learn to stop and sit in a storm. 

All that is needed to build confidence is repetition.

This is the audio of this week’s community meditation with the addition of ‘Still Alive’.

retrun to normal service

Chat & Meditate

After a glitchy week we will return to meeting in the mornings, every other day to practice as a group.

As always Wednesday will be focused on starting practice and questions on the process of mindfulness.

Join Us @ 0930 Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Next Community session is Saturday 30th May 2020

Followed by the 6th, 13th & 20th June

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