Neither one nor the other

9th May 2020

This was our eighth meet up in the Virtual room.

We spoke about excitement and guilt;

Then we all practised the Sitting Meditation.

and had tea  …

Cocktail feelings

This week we spoke about some interesting feelings, excitement and guilt. Both are a bit more complex than fear or anger, happy or sad. They are a bit of a cocktail of both bad and good.

Firstly we can find it hard not to be attracted to feelings like excitement or even guilt. We can feel like we ‘are supposed to feel this way’. That it is a ‘good’  feeling, the ‘right way to be’.

We might see this a desire, the opposite of aversion, we are attracted to it. 

Just as we can let go of our aversion, stop resisting we can also let go of this desire, stop chasing. Just sit and observe, no running allowed, stop. This transforms our perspective and we suffer less.

This is the audio of this week’s community meditation. We doubled up on the release step and some found that an enjoyable extra.

All New Practise again

If anyone is trying the ‘Shuttle Runs’ in the Library I have added ‘Prepare to Feel’ as a new audio track.


5 Remembrances

Next week we are taking another look at the 5 remembrances.

If you haven’t tried this, can you say them out loud to your self?

What about saying them to yourself in the mirror?

I am subject to aging.
There is no way to avoid aging.

I am subject to ill health.
There is no way to avoid illness.

I am going to die.
There is no way to avoid death.

Everyone and everything that I love will change,
and I will be separated from them.

My only true possessions are my actions,
and I cannot escape their consequences.

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