Now Stand Up

This is a ‘next step’ look at bringing our awareness to objects and ‘stuff’ around us.

These three extra steps, Emptiness, Signlessness and Aimlessness allow you to shine the lamp of mindfulness on objects in the wider world.

Each step brings with it new perspectives and hopefully a fresh and updated relationship between you and it!

Presentation & Meditation

This is a recording of the online talk and discussion with some community members about the three doors steps. 

The talk is followed by a guided meditation.

If you can’t read the slides here is a link to the slide deck as a PDF.

listen and hear

Guided Examples

We begin each meditation on ‘other’ by starting with the normal meditation on self. Then we add three new gathas tailored to the object we are focusing on.

Here are three examples we used in the teaching.

🌳 A tree outside your window 🌳

❤️ A loved one  or someone close to you ❤️

😡 Develop compassion – Someone you dislike 😡