Return of Emptiness

8th August 2020

This was our 46th meeting.

We looked again at the three doors addition to Ben’s ‘standard’ meditation.

Then we all practiced the Sitting Meditation and then Walking.

and we chatted in the sun drinking tea …

Meditation on others

Ben led this weeks community meditation. The practice this week involved adding three additional steps to our ‘standard’ meditation. 

These steps, which are called three doors of liberation in Zen practice are Emptiness, Interdependence and Aimlessness. 

Here is a link to a video that explains these concepts and the steps that we practiced.

With Kim’s help we considered a tree as the object of our meditation. Once the self is settled we can focus on other stuff and recognize it in a way that goes deeper than the superficial way we often look at the world.

We all experienced something different. It was very interesting. As we practice in this way we see that the new perspectives reveal themselves, ones that can be limitless. That sounds a bit far out man!

Practise again

We contniue just for two more weeks to forward our donations to

the DEC charity.

I am very grateful for all your support.

stay focused

Chat and meditate is still happening but a just mid week now.

The last session in the garden is 15th August


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