Wit and Judgement

7th September 2019

This was our eight session at Broad Oak Village Hall

We welcomed Jo and Michelle to the community.

We randomly picked a mini practise to focus on. Jo picked ‘Mind’

We practised our normal Sitting Meditation and Walking Meditation.

and then tea was followed by a brief discussion on the second part of the sutra.


We discussed the final stage of the sitting meditation.

We have identified before, that the mind is the aspect of self for which there is the least empirical evidence. Whilst it is hosted in the brain, which you might argue is part of the body, the mind is much more than just a bunch of neurons. It must involve the connections between neurons that are ever changing in number and form, also the ‘electrical’ impulses between neurons and the chemical composition of the neurons and their environment.

Our framework identifies three elements of mind. Our perceptions, our thoughts and consciousness. Trying to bring our awareness to mind might be done in this order. By this I mean we can be aware of a perception without too much trouble. Awareness of the narrative of thought can be tricky in that it is easy to get caught up in the thinking and by doing so lose awareness.

If you manage it for only a few seconds, one in-breath, you have done well and for this reason you can be ‘happy’ or satisfied in the second part of this step. Try again to gain awareness of your mind.

Practise again

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Breathing in, I calm body and mind.
Breathing out, I smile.
Dwelling in the present moment I know this is the only moment.


Take the next steps...

Everyone stayed a few minutes later today to listen to a explanation of the next three steps in the sitting meditation.

They are:-

  • Emptiness

  • Signlessness

  • Aimlessness

With these steps you can widen your awareness to the world around you.
Take a look at this short(ish) film that explains the new steps.

Now Every week

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On the first Saturday of the month I will be running an extra hour when I will start to explain the second part of the sutra.

It is only 3 more gatas but they are HUGE!

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