Green Eyed Monster

18th January 2020

This was our eighteenth session at Broad Oak Village Hall.

The next obstacle out of the bag was Jealousy

We practised the Sitting Meditation and also our Walking Meditation.

and then we all had tea  …



We talked about Jealousy. I had offered Trust as a beneficial opposite but we were too sure about that. This is some of what we said…

When we see someone with something we desire, we can feel anger or resentment to that person. This can make us feel sad or guilty in ourselves. If we stop and look at what is standing beside us we might notice that we already have all that we need. 

Jealousy could arise because we don’t trust that what we have already is enough.

When we observe jealousy without buying into the thoughts and feelings that it can lead to we are able to navigate our path more skillfully.

Practise again

Thank you for your ongoing support


Archery lesson

” One summer morning some years ago I observed a master of Zen archery give a demonstration for the sangha. Nearly 150 people were present, in a large open field. He had set up a target and was in full Japanese regalia, with robes and wrist guards and all kinds of paraphernalia. There was an elaborate ceremony before the arrow would be released and – we all hoped – would hit the bullseye, all kinds of chanting and ritual gestures. The moment arrived, and we could feel the tension. The master pulled back the bowstring with the arrow. We were holding our breath. It seemed forever that he held it there. Then he suddenly shifted and shot it into the air, missing the target completely. There was a huge groan from the crowd.

The archer burst into laughter.”

Enjoy silence.

Have another thought about taking the silent challenge.

If you are confident now in the steps of the standard sitting meditation maybe you could follow the verses on your own, with no reminders from me. 

A silent meditation track is available in the Library, under the ‘Finished Article’ section – click Empty. It is not actually totally silent, at the start you will hear the bell and after that a ‘click’ is heard at each point where I would normally speak. So you can use this to move on to the next gatha. 

There are steps for set up, preparation and the scan followed by the sutra, which is …


I am breathing in

I am breathing out

My breathing is natural

My breathing is soft

I am aware of my whole body

I calm my body

I am aware of my feelings

I calm my feelings

I am Alive

I am free

I am aware of my mind

I calm my mind

I am meditating

I am content

Good Luck

Next session is Saturday 18th January 2020

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