28th September 2019

This was our eleventh session at Broad Oak Village Hall

We randomly picked a mini practise to focus on. Michelle picked ‘Contact’

We practised our normal Sitting Meditation and Walking Meditation.

and then tea …


We discussed discussed the first step of ‘Contact’.

So this is the imediately following closing your eyes and getting down to business.

We acknowledged that it can be really hard not to be immediately distracted by thinking. So there seems to be a need to balance ‘letting go’ of thinking and ‘forcing’ our attention to focus on the object in hand. 

In this mini meditation I repeat the three common contact or touch points, your feet, your bum and your hands. You could use the words to focus your attention on those points or just focus on the feeling of touch you are experience in that area.

Practise again

One stop past boring

When you start out on any meditation you might have expectation or be in a hurry to get a result. This will only leave you unable to acheive either.

As you practice the simple step of ‘Contact’ try and stay with it for one in / out breath beyond when you get bored of it. Developing your patience with the process of meditation is a key part of building a solid practise.

If you are finding the practise again section helpful you could hit this button too.

Cross over

On the next session which is in TWO weeks, 12th October, we have an extended session until 1200.

We will practise a 20 minute silent meditation. Have a go at it before then by trying these two audio tracks.

Each step is marked by a clapping noise. We also meet the BIG bell at the start.

It is not as hard as you are imagining. 

‘Empty’ is our normal sitting meditation with no speaking.

‘Extended’ just adds in three additional steps for the three doors of liberation.


all the people living for today


Next session is Saturday 12th October

Now Every week

I have booked the hall every Saturday now throughout October.


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