25th January 2020

This was our nineteenth session at Broad Oak Village Hall.

Welcoming three new members, we had the biggest group yet;

so we refreshed our understanding of the basic framework. 

We practised the Sitting Meditation and also our Walking Meditation.

and then we all had tea  …


Easy Reminder

I explained the framework of the Anapanasati or ‘Full Awareness of Breathing’ sutra that we use as a basis for our sitting meditation. Adjacent is the film I made to walk through the first steps of the meditation.

If you haven’t taken a look yet, you can see a whole page on the Anapanasati sutra here, including TNH’s translation of the original text.

If you have practiced for a while, then it may be of benefit to read an original text and have a think about what it means to you.

In the end our mindfulness journeys are all a unique experience in which we must make our own judgements. 

Practise again

Those who joined us this week may have noticed I have sneaked in a few new words and phrases.

Here is a recording of this new version of a familiar theme.

Thank you for your ongoing support

Another great place to start

I began my mindfulness journey with ‘Headspace‘.

It is accessible and clear, providing simple instruction in every aspect of meditation.

I still listen to Andy’s ‘Everyday Headspace’ and it is very insightful.

There is a subscription to pay but it is worth every penny.

Enjoy silence.

OK I am really throwing down the gauntlet now!

You can do this !!

A silent meditation track is available in the Library, under the ‘Finished Article’ section – click Empty

It is not actually totally silent, at the start you will hear the bell and after that a ‘click’ is heard at each point where I would normally speak. So you can use this to move on to the next gatha. 

There are steps for set up, preparation and the scan followed by the sutra, which is …


I am breathing in

I am breathing out

My breathing is natural

My breathing is soft

I am aware of my whole body

I calm my body

I am aware of my feelings

I calm my feelings

I am Alive

I am free

I am aware of my mind

I calm my mind

I am meditating

I am content

Good Luck

Next session is Saturday 1st February 2020

Followed by the 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th February …

If you have enjoyed meditating as a group, tell your friends. 

Everyone is most welcome.

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