Beginning with the Breath

This was our first session.

We spoke about a framework for thinking about ourselves

We practised Sitting Meditation and Walking Meditation

and then we had tea… more about that further down this page

Practise Again..

This is the 15 minute sitting meditation we practised

Prizes at the next session for guessing where it is filmed.

I will add some more material as I go along.

Check back here again!

Get solid on the basics - Get Headspace

As a beginning point for anyone interested in Mediation and Mindfulness

I thoroughly recommend Headspace.

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A pack of cigarettes – these are very bad for your health

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2 bottles of wine from the Co-Op (that is per month remember)

I could go on…


How we look at ourselves

Play Video

The Model

This film (it’s a bit long at 30 minutes, sorry) explains the first part of the techniques and ideas we are learning for our sitting meditation.

It is helpful as a recap or an introduction.

This might seem a lot to it at the beginning but with regular practice it will become very familiar. 

Remember just like swimming we are not gong to dive in and do lengths on day one. There is much kicking and paddling to do first.

The Body

Breathing in – Breathing Out

Breathing Deeper – Breathing Slower

Aware of the Body – Calm the Body


Aware of Feelings – Calm Feelings

Alive – Joy


Perceptions – ? – Thinking

Aware of Mind – Calm Mind

Meditating – Happy

This framework is based on 

‘The Full Awareness of Breathing’


you are alive

is a very easy to follow explanation of the sutra.

Buy it here


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What was that about tea...

Put some cold water in first
so when you add the boiling water
you will not scald the tea.


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