21st September 2019

This was our tenth session at Broad Oak Village Hall

We randomly picked a mini practise to focus on. Lydia picked ‘Scan’

We practised our normal Sitting Meditation and Walking Meditation.

We had an unexpected surprise meeting with a gardener.

and then tea was was served…


We discussed discussed the process of the scan.

Firstly I acknowledge this is a blatant steal from Headspace and I would recommend all practitioners to use this resource to further their practice. 

It is very easy to get into and helps you to develop your practice in a way tailored to your own needs.

This method is like calling out stations on a train line as you go on your journey. This exercise is two stops per in-breath, two stops per out-breath. You could do one stop at each step if you wanted to slow down. As we discovered this method may remind you of bits of your body that you are ignoring and that could be helpful.

The other more conventional method described in Headspace is the beam of light scanning down the body, like laying down on a flat bed scanner or photocopier.

Practise again

Which ever method you use it is easy when you start out to go too quick. 

“I want to start meditating already!!”

So at this early point in the meditation journey you can practise to let go of the rushing and slow down. If you do finish before the next step just go back to the top of your head and start again.

If you are finding the practise again section helpful you could hit this button too.

Recap on all the previous sessions

I have added this resource so that you can remind yourself of all the content covered to date.

We will repeat the practise over and over, so there is no need to go back. 


Samadhi ~
a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation


Staying focused

A delightful man started strimming this verge in the middle of our sitting meditation. The petrol engine made what seemed at first to be a harsh and penetrating noise. It presented us all with a significant distraction.

I was so impressed however with how we all stayed focused. Even if it did distract us after a while most practitioners were able to use this persistent sound to practice a deeper awareness of perception and feelings.

It can be helpful if from time to time we are presented with these unexpected situations while practising meditation. It can show us that mindfulness, whilst practised in the meditation hall is really a rehearsal for using it in our day to day lives.

I am very grateful to our friendly gardener for helping some of us understand this lesson.

Next session is Saturday 28th September

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