Renew and Refresh

19th October 2019

This was our thirteenth session at Broad Oak Village Hall.

We welcomed Sarah, Nick and Jess (who is super brave)

We went back to the flashcards and the framework..

We practised our normal Sitting Meditation and Walking Meditation.

and then tea …



We explained the framework of our Sitting meditation to our newest community members. Each of us had a go at explaining the three main stages.ย 

If you haven’t seen it yet and how could you not have? Here is a link to the video where I have a go at describing and explaining the framework.

Try to encourage yourself to stick at it and if possible to develop a regular practise. Remember the joy of swimming (or cycling or reading). You may have forgotten, but all of these skills took a lot of perseverence and effort. Jess will remember…

Practise again

Finding yourself at a loss ๐Ÿ˜•

A simple tip when you get lost is to return to your breathing.

This could be in the sitting meditation but it applies just as well wherever you are. If you have practised a lot or a little you will always be breathing and it is reasonably easy to get focus on it. Once you have got focus, stay with it, just one in breath and one out breath, past when your thinking says ‘I am bored of this’.ย 

Be interested; insight could be one breath away.

If you are finding the practise again section helpful you could hit this button too.


This body itself is emptiness

from The Heart Sutra

Who dares wins

Maybe I should not have used that particular motto but it does grab the attention

For those who are refreshing the cycle for the third time.

Take up the challenge of the ‘Empty’ meditations. Even if you forget the gathas you can just breathe.

Just like taking off the Arm bands or the Training wheels it is a bit scary but definitely worth it.

It is not as hard as you are imagining.ย 

‘Empty’ is our normal sitting meditation with no speaking.

‘Extended’ just adds in three additional steps for the three doors of liberation.

Next session is Saturday 26th October

Now Every week

I have booked the hall 2nd, 9th and 23rd of November.

๐ŸŽ„There will be NO sessions in December – I am going to Australia for Christmas ๐ŸŽ„

If you have enjoyed meditating as a group tell your friends.ย 

Everyone is most welcome.

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