Be Patient with Feeling

12th October 2019

This was our twelfth session at Broad Oak Village Hall.

The last mini meditation was ‘Feelings’ so we talked about that,

We practised our normal Sitting Meditation and Walking Meditation.

and then tea …

We tried to spend an extra hour looking at extended practice

but we were ejected by a 5th Birthday Party…


We discussed discussed the  step of ‘Feeling’.

Firstly some of us found that when we arrive at feeling there is nothing there. Maybe here feelings are either difficult to acknowledge or they are somehow shut away. Be patient and wait outside the door, they will come out eventually.

We talked about not judging feelings as good or bad (Happy is Good and Anger is Bad) Suspending judgement is a really helpful part of our practice. It is only for twenty minutes, try not labeling anything as right or wrong, just be aware.

In the meditation mini we recognise our emotional state and let it unwind. 

We also try to cultivate ‘Joy’ that we are here at all. While that may not seem like much to be pleased about, it is definitely necessary. 

Practise again

Welcome your mother in law 🎉

When we become aware of anything that we might at first resist we can try this trick. Think of when you have a party and there is always a guest like your mother-in-law or someone that you really find challenging, on the guest list.

When they arrive you jump up an welcome that guest. Just like that, welcome those ‘bad’ thoughts or emotions. “Hello my dear friend, welcome to my meditation’. After all they are just as much part of you as the ‘good’ thoughts and everyone is welcome at this party.

If you are finding the practise again section helpful you could hit this button too.


Love is the absence of judgment.

Dalai Lama

Missed opportunity

I thought we had an extra hour this week but we were evicted by an eager 5 year old birthday party.

Apologies for that.

You could always try now and have a listen to these ‘Empty’ tracks.

It is not as hard as you are imagining. 

‘Empty’ is our normal sitting meditation with no speaking.

‘Extended’ just adds in three additional steps for the three doors of liberation.

Enter the 3 Doors

We spoke about the three doors even if we didnt get a chance to step through them.

If you wanted to remind yourself, have a look at this film which explains them a bit more.

Whatever you bring your awareness too, with concentration, you will see the object with new eyes.

Next session is Saturday 19th October

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