Hitting the Hard stuff

7th March 2020

This was our twenty fifth session at Broad Oak Village Hall.

We met Kim and discussed facing challenges;

Then we all practised the Sitting Meditation and the Walking Meditation.

and then we all had tea  …

Hard times

We described how we had practised this week. There was a theme that the practice can come in useful when we hit hard times in our lives.

Even if it is just for a moment; strong feelings of fear or anger can arise in everyday life and it is common for these to overwhelm us. When we practice mindfulness at these times we notice that there is a bit of space between us and the feeling, enough that we are able to choose whether to engage with it or not.

Suddenly we are back in the driving seat. Ideally we are not using thought to ‘assess’ the feeling as good or bad, just being aware of it and trying not to follow it blindly. Stand back and watch. Stay interested.

What happens then? The feeling could lessen, we could get more space to practice awareness. The feeling could transform and change. Be aware for a few more breaths and you will see that it changes, one way or another.

Can you bring a light of mindfulness to the next time to get angry or frightened?

What would happen if you did the same to feelings of excitement or desire? Hmmm 🤔

Practise again

Thank you for your ongoing support


In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

on Eternal Life


I was asked for my view on Reincarnation and I tried to summarise Thay’s description of Continuation as I understand it.

It begins with an understanding of Emptiness so you could watch this video to get some ideas about what this means. ->

Lets take Jim Morrison of the Doors (I like his music).

Where is Jim Morrison?

Well he is dead that is for sure but has he disappeared? His body was buried in Paris, which is odd for an American, but if we dug up his grave (not advocating doing this) he would not be there now. So where is he; in the tree next to his grave? 

If we think of our framework we will understand that Jim had Feelings and a Mind. Certainly if we listen to the lyrics in his music we can be sure it was a pretty cool mind. His thoughts were just as much him as your thoughts are what makes you.

When I listen to his music are his thoughts in my stereo in a digital format. Are they in my head because I can hear his music if I put my mind to it. Have I become Jim?

What about us?

Will the thoughts and feelings that we transmitted to the world, through our bodies, continue on in the same way as Jim?

Depends on your poetry to some extent, but hopefully you see what I mean.

How far into the future will your actions continue to be felt? Are they destructive or beneficial actions?

Is that karma? 🤔

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