Defining Emptiness

8th February 2020

This was our twentieth second session at Broad Oak Village Hall.

We met Carlos and Lauren and introduced the framework to them;

Then we all practised the Sitting Meditation and the Walking Meditation.

and then we all had tea  …



We revisited the framework introduction this week. If you want to watch the film on that you can follow this link.

I thought I might signpost the second video for those of you who are moving forward with your practice. Adjacent is the second film which goes through the three ‘Doors of Liberation’. The first is Emptiness and this concept is behind the name of our community. 

  • Everything in the world around us is made up of parts, both in time and space.
  • So ‘stuff’ is empty of independent existence. 

This principle of emptiness is often a new way of looking at things for most of us. From this point of view the world can take on a new, very interesting, form.

Try adding it in to your practice.

Next session is Saturday 22nd February 2020

Followed by the 29th February. Then onto 7th & 14th March

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