Enter the Digital Age


Virtual Meditation Hall

During the pandemic of 2020 we have used the opportunities of virtual meeting to stay connected and practice as a community.

In Year 2 of our project we will use a new virtual platform on ZOOM.

Using this new platform will allow us to provide more facilities and is easily recognisable to new members.

Fast Link to your preferred method

Set Up Browser connection

This is probably the simplest way to access the room. For both computer methods you will need a microphone and speakers connected to your computer or a headset with microphone.

In this method you simply need to copy and paste this URL into a browser.


We have tested this using Google’s Chrome Browser and Firefox is also supported.

Set Up Desktop Client

This second connection method is again for a computer but here you download a program.

It requires installing software on your machine but you are more than capable of doing that.

Step 1

Step 2

  • For Windows double click on the ZoomInstaller.exe file at the bottom of the browser

  • Mac is probably very similar too 🙂

  • Click Next, OK and even Finish. Eventually the client program will launch.

Step 3

  • As you first launch the ZOOM application you have two choices

  • EITHER 1 – Join a Meeting then enter our room ID 8966603159

  • OR 2 – Sign In with
    • Facebook
    • Google Account
    • or ZOOM SSO

Set Up on Tablet / Phone

This method has been tested on both iPhone and Android phone.

It should work on tablets like iPad too.

Start by looking at this web page on the device you want to install the app on.

Step 1

  • First you need to find the link to the App store or Google Play

Follow this link


Scroll down a bit until you see the mobile apps buttons.

Or search ‘ZOOM‘ in APP Store or Google play

Step 2

  • OK I admit I haven’t done this one.
  • Two of our testers managed to install it without much hassle.
  • The benefit is now you can join us where ever you are.
  • In the same way as the PC method it is preferable to use a headset / mic connected to your device. The sound quality will be much better.

Don’t worry if it is all too much for you; we can help.

Send us a message and we will get in touch and talk you through one method of another.

Just like the practice sometimes it doesn’t happen first time.