Stop the Hate

30th May 2020

This was our eleventh meet up in the Virtual room.

In the light of recent atrocities, we spoke about transforming the anger of prejudice.

Then we all practiced the Sitting Meditation.

and had tea  ..

Halt Prejudice

This week we heard about the murder of George Floyd by a policeman in the US. After weeks of COVID fatalities and economic crisis, this killing of a black man by white police officer has ignited rioting and further bloodshed.

What can we do to heal this anger and violence?

At first we can feel fear and helplessness. Michelle has started a practice called Tonglen which endeavors to transform anger and violence into peace and compassion. 

From a place of stability and peace we can easily see that violence only catalyzes more violence and suffering. Only through peace and understanding can we find a lasting resolution. 

Bring this crisis into your practice and resolve to stop prejudice of any kind in its tracks. We will all come across it. Racial, gender, age, disability; the list goes on.

It must stop in our community.

All New Practise again

If anyone has used the Shuttle run series in the library, I have added the final part – ‘Prepare not to think’


We can see these as ‘mind seeds’ which we plant in ourselves.

They often take the form of a short verse of 10 to 20 lines.

Read them slowly and with care; so that the meaning has the best chance to flourish in you.

You could print the short verse out and read it just before your sitting meditation.

return to normal service

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