Thinking of others

25th April 2020

This was our sixth meet up in the Virtual room

We spoke about alternative ways we could practice walking meditation;

Then we all practiced the Sitting Meditation.

and had tea  …

Those who suffer

This week we spoke about those who find themselves ill with the COVID-19 infection. Some of those suffer deeply with the physical effects of the illness and we wanted to bring our awareness to their plight.

I think that quite a few struggled with the meditation this week. Bringing awareness to other things outside of ourselves requires concentration and that is hard to maintain. Definitely don’t stress about that, it is never helpful. 

If you want to keep it simpler you could just focus on the feelings that compassion elicits in you or just focus on regaining calm and clarity in the mind.


Instead of recording the whole session the link above will just replay the meditation from Saturday.

Practise again

I have refreshed both the guided and silent meditation audio tracks for April.

Chat & meditate

Keeping Compassion

This week we discussed holding on to our feeling of compassion for the community around us when the news can be troubling and hard to deal with.

It may be the news broadcast, social media or even first hand stories we hear from family and friends the environment we find our selves in is very turbulent.

We thought of ways to stop and control they way new stories reach our consciousness. We revisited the story of the serial killer Agulimala. We also practiced returning to the island of self, our true home.

Here are audio files of our discussions and meditations.

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Big shout out

Thanks Neil

Huge thanks to our recent community member Neil who has donated this cool image to us. I think it really captures some of the essence of our community and how we have come together during social isolation.

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