Three Step Practice

1st August 2020

This was our 45th meeting.

The weather was glorious and we stayed late to have a BBQ lunch.

We all practiced a Guided Meditation and then Walking meditation.

and we ate stuff…

In this week’s session we revisited the three step breathing space – bringing awareness and checking in with our present moment state in mind and body, then gathering the focus to our breathing and finally expanding out to the whole body, to bring the whole body experience into our awareness. 
We talked about how different practices can evoke different emotions such as calm, sleepiness or uplift and we discussed a few new practices we may try moving forward.
It was also interesting that the introduction of a new practice seemed to bring about more wandering minds, so we talked about how this perhaps was the process of becoming accustomed to a new practice or maybe just how the mind is feeling on that particular day.
I know some days my mind wanders 100’s of times during practice, it’s the coming back to focus that strengthens present moment awareness and becomes part of the experience.
We also talked about how tuning in to silence and stillness can sometimes ramp our senses up to high definition!! The birdsong seemed particularly loud to some of us today 😊
Finally the weather was great so the BBQ was fired up to finish the session with food and friendship.
We thank Ben for letting us use his garden again to meet up and next week he will be guiding the practice.

Practise again

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stay focused

Chat and meditate is still happening but a just mid week now.

Next Community session is Saturday 8th August 2020

Followed by the 15th August

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