Two Sides of a Coin

2nd May 2020

This was our seventh meet up in the Virtual room

We spoke about the interdependence of Fear and Anger;

Then we all practiced the Sitting Meditation.

and had tea  …

Dangerous Twins

This week Cliff had noticed a background anger and irritability that was following him around.

I hope I am not prejudice in saying that I have noticed in men especially, that fear can often be the twin of anger and that these two brothers can cause a lot of trouble for us. It is not helpful to pretend that neither exist, because they clearly do. We need to bring our awareness to them and greet them as a friend, as a valuable part of who you are. Many times fear has saved your life or anger given you the strength to get out of a tight spot.

With a kind and compassionate approach even these two dangerous twins can be helped to find balance and transform into wholesome thoughts and actions.

I also noticed that aspects of self, like fear, that are private are not weakness, they are just private. Your meditation is your private exploration of your self and disclosure is entirely up to you.

Here is a link to the chanting that I play at the beginning of most sessions. It is an album called ‘Drops of Emptiness‘ from 2000; recording Thay himself performing common chants from the Plum Village monastery.

Practise again

I have refreshed both the guided and silent meditation audio tracks for April.

Year one

Start Again

Every Wednesday, I will be using the 0930 meeting to help those starting out in the practice. I would welcome any more seasoned practitioners to also join and help with advice and encouragement.

If you have any friend or colleagues who would like to start meditation then please recommend them to this session.

Would you come along and hold their hand?

Next Community session is Saturday 9th May

Followed by the 16th, 23rd & 30th May

If you have enjoyed meditating as a group, tell your friends. 

Everyone is most welcome.

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