Unborn Mind

6th June 2020

This was our twelfth meet up in the Virtual room.

We spoke about bringing mindful moments into our lives outside of sitting.

I described the ‘Unborn Mind’.

Then we all practiced the Sitting Meditation.

and had tea  ..

Blank sheet of paper

This week we thought about how to allow mindfulness, that is cultivated in our sitting meditation to flourish outside of this time in our day to day lives.

Practicing when times are tough and our mind is busy is made much easier if we have practiced when the mind has been more still.

Imagining our ability to stay focused on the simple act of sitting builds strength of concentration. Having established concentration, we can bring small bursts of mindfulness to almost any aspect of our life.

Next time you are doing the washing up, or drinking your tea say to yourself. “I am washing up; that is all that I am doing”. Remain in the present moment in stability and freedom.

I referenced Zen master Bankei  and his concept of the ‘Unborn Mind’. When we are born we have no prejudice, no learnt discernment. As we grow up we learn things are right or wrong, beginning or ending.

Beneath these layers of thinking is a clean sheet of paper that we can return to at any time.

looking for inspiration?

If you stuck with a ‘what shall I watch on TV’ moment you could check out this channel.

There are some amazing Dharma talks going back over ten years given at Plum Village monasteries around the world. You will be hard pushed to find one that doesn’t answer a practice question or apply to a situation you might find yourself in.

They are about one hour but you could split that in half over a day. You will recognise many of our practice concepts in the talks.

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